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    Nadir Akhundov was born in 1925 in the ancient city of Nakhchivan, which has raised many talented generations for centuries, has a rich and generous nature, and is known for its geographical landscape.

    This land, which is famous for its mighty mountains and magnificent gardens, is known for its architectural monuments, especially the pearl of Azerbaijani architecture, Mümine Hatun monument.

    It is not surprising that Behruz Kengerli, the founder of the professional fine arts of Azerbaijan, was born here and created the first pearls of Azerbaijani art.

    Nadir Akhundov memorized and loved the beautiful landscapes he had seen all his life since childhood, and an irresistible desire arose in him to put them into colour.

    These incredible feelings, which triggered the enchanting beauty of nature to instantly pour on paper and canvas, would also help others to enjoy its magic.

    Love and interest in art brings Nadir Ahundov to the Leningrad Art school.

    Here he grasps the basics of art and works on easel painting and graphics.

    However, it was fortunate for the young artist to study for only 3 years. The war, like millions of other people, spoiled all his plans.

    Putting his brush aside for a moment, the young man took up arms. The difficult years of the war were a difficult test for him, almost the university of life.

    Nadir Akhundov was a persistent and courageous artist.

    He stubbornly and patiently studied the genres and techniques of fine art and created many interesting works of painting, graphics and linography.