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    Born December 19, 1921 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

    1935-1939 – Studied at the Pedagogical Technical School of Painting in Baku.

    1949 – Graduated from V.I. Surikov’s Moscow State Academic Art Institute.

    1955 – Awarded the title of the Honorary Art Worker of the Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan.

    1958 – Corresponding member of the Art Academy of the USSR.

    1958-1962; 1974-1979 – Had been elected the Member of the Supreme Council of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic.

    1963 – Awarded the title of People’s Artist of USSR.

    1962 – Author of “Through Bakuvian’s Eyes” book.

    1970 – Winner of J. Neru’s International Award.

    1988 – Full member of the Art Academy Awarded with orders of Lenin, October Revolution, International Friendship.

    Winner of USSR Lenin’s Prize Holder of Istiglaliyyet order of the sovereign Azerbaijan.

    Mikayil Abdullayev’s works were exhibited also in Madrid, Milan, Kyoto. His works are being kept in many museums and private collections in the world: The Tretyakov gallery, Painting gallery in Dresden, Azerbaijan National Art Museum, State Painting gallery, The Museum of Modern Art, Baku and etc.

    Mikayil Abdullayev passed away in Baku in 2002.