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    Mahmud Taghiyev was born on 11 June 1923 in Baku.

    After graduating from the Azerbaijan State Art School in 1941, he studied at the State Institute of Cinematography in Moscow in 1949-1953.

    In 1953-1956 he studied at the Leningrad Institute of Art, Sculpture and Architecture.

    Mahmud Taghiyev married Halide Seferova, a painter like himself, in 1946 and has been a member of the Azerbaijan Artists Union since this year.

    The artist passed away on November 20, 2001 in Baku.


    The main themes of Mahmud Taghiyev's early creativity were still life and landscape paintings.

    He had been researching industrial and agricultural issues since the 1960s.

    The artist described the main points of Soviet buildings in Azerbaijan.

    These include the Mingeçevir Reservoir and the Sumgayıt Aluminum Plant.

    In these years, M.Taghiyev turned to the portrait genre, especially the historical portrait genre.

    "Kayısı" (1969), "İncir" (1974), "Balkon" (1987), "Natürmort", "Bahar Çiçekleri" (1993), "Laleler", "Elma" (1993), "Mecnun", " Leyla "," Vazoda Çiçekler "," Dağlarda Bahar "," Bakü "," Uyku "," Çıplak "," Dede Korkut "," Samed Vurgun ", "Yedi güzel" are the famous works of the painter.

    Taghiyev's exhibitions were held in Baku (with Halide Seferova in 1947, 1958, 1969, 1993) and Moscow (with H.Seferova in 1990 and 1988).

    His works have been exhibited in Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, England, France, Germany, Iran, Syria and Egypt.