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  • JAMİLLA HAŞİMOVA Butterfly and Roses (Kelebek ve Güller) 37*50 JAMİLA HAŞİMOVA

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    JAMILA HASHIMOVA (1967 - Alive)

    Graduated From Azerbaijan State Art College Between 1981-1985.

    1985-1991 While Graduating From The Azerbaijan State Fine Arts Faculty. She Became A Member Of The Azerbaijan Artists Union In 1991.

    Jamila Hashimova Hashimova, Whose Works Have Been Exhibited In Avignon, Brussels And Berlin, Is One Of The Most Well-Known Azerbaijani Artists In Europe.


    * Baku Special Exhibitions
    * Istanbul Turkey
    * Avignon, France,
    * Brussels, Belgium
    * Berlin, Germany

    Museums Where His Works Are Found:

    * Istanbul Press Museum
    * Baku Museum Of Modern Arts
    * Azerbaijan National Art Museum

    Azerbaijan Painting Art Has A Different Place And Importance In The World Painting Art.

    In Order To Understand Contemporary Azerbaijani Painting, To Determine And Reveal Its Place In World Painting Art, The Art Environment Before And After 1990 Was Researched.

    With The Gaining Of Independence, It Has Been Tried To Determine How Free-Thinking Artists And Different Perspectives Are Reflected In Their Works.

    In Addition, New Styles, Artists, Art Groups And Understandings In Azerbaijani Painting Art, Which Has Undergone A Change With The Globalizing Understanding Of Art, Have Been Determined And Evaluated With The Criteria Of Post-Independence Consciousness.

    It Is Important To Consider The Plastic Arts Chronologically Together With The Historical Process, To Understand The History Of Painting And Art, And To Reveal Different Features.