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  • RAFIQ ASKAROV RAFIQ ASKAROV Pomegranade (Nar) 15*25

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    RAFIQ ASKAROV was born in Baku in 1953.
    He received his first art education in 1969 at Azim Azimzade Azerbaijan State Art School.
    In 1978, he started working as a restoration artist at the Azerbaijan State Art Museum.
    He continued his restoration artistry at the Painting Restoration Center in Moscow.
    He continued his creative work in Moscow.
    Since 1994, his solo exhibitions have been held in France, Sweden, the USA and Moscow.
    With his works shown in Dutch and Flemish painting schools, he had a great influence on artists.
    Askarov, whose lifestyle was peculiar to himself, seemed to mix eastern and western styles with his bright, lively, "warm" temperament.
    He has works in personal collections in Turkey, Russia, Italy, Spain, USA and Switzerland.

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