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  • Wool Carpet Shirvan Size : 255 cm X 355 cm Wool Carpet Shirvan Size : 255 cm X 355 cm

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    Hand Woven
    Material : Wool / Root Dye
    Region : Sirvan - Alihanlı

    Carpets woven in Şamakı, Mereze, Ağsu, Kürdemir cities and districts of Şirvan region belong to Şirvan school. There are 25 compositions in this school. Salyan carpets, which are close with their artistic and technological features, also belong here.
    Mereze carpet, Gobustan carpet, Shirvan carpet, Kürdemir carpet, Şilyan carpet, Şirelibey carpet, Çuhanlı carpet, Bico carpet, Sor-Sor carpet, Hacıgabul carpet etc. to the Şirvan group. compositions belong.
    About the artistic value of Shirvan carpets, 6-8 centuries. German and English merchants and ambassadors gave valuable information in their diaries. These carpets were sung in the works of European painters in the 14-15 centuries. Dutch painter Hans Memling (15th century) depicted the Şirvan carpet in his work with the Virgin Mary.