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  • Verni Carpet Design Earrings - Tree of Life Earrings Verni

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    18K GOLD 27.89 Gr
    Diamond 0.19 ct

    The tree of life motif is the symbol of eternity.
    This motif is an insignia of the search for immortality and the hope that there is life after death.
    The tree is one of the plants considered sacred among the Turks.

    Tree of Life,
    It is depicted while being protected by mythological creatures such as lion, eagle, dragon and peacock, which are believed to be power, strength and talisman.

    The Tree of Life is a symbol of youth and immortality.
    The eternal vitality that exists in the tree of life, living forever, and resistance to extinction gives rise to the understanding that it is absolute reality.

    The Tree of Life is a symbol of power and potency.
    18K 27.89 GR
    DIAMOND 0.19 CT