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  • Henna (Kınalık) - MARAL RAHMANZADE Size : 38 cm X 32 cm

    Technique: Lithography
    Material : Engraving on Paper
    MARAL RAHMANZADE (1916 – 2008)
    * Azerbaijan s first female painter with a diploma
    * A rare artist who has shaped the art of engraving with his works
    * She studied at Baku Pedagogical Painting Institute between 1930-1933. She received a degree from Moscow State University in 1940.
    * V.I Surikov institute of fine arts. In 1964, she received the Azerbaijani folk painting award. He was given an award by the State in 1965.
    Exhibitions :
    Maral Rahmanzade s works were exhibited in many countries,
    * Italy
    * Japan,
    * Australia,
    * Belgium,
    * Syria
    * Lebanon
    Museums :
    * His works are in the Tretyakov State Art Gallery in Moscow,
    * In the Azerbaijan National Art Museum,
    * In the Azerbaijan State picture gallery,
    * It is exhibited in Baku Museum of Modern Arts and by collectors in many countries.
    * Besides many successful exhibitions, Maral Rahmanzade is also recognized as the first female engraver in the history of Azerbaijani art.
    Maral Rehmanzade, the first Azerbaijani woman who received professional painting education, is one of the artists who contributed greatly to the development of the modern national oil painting school of Azerbaijan. Continuing the tradition of artist depiction, he has been productive for more than 70 years and has contributed to the Azerbaijani art of painting by making natural and catchy panels. Mahir brush master Maral Rehmanzade s works on various subjects took their place in the cultural history of Azerbaijan.
    In addition to the female theme in the painter s engravings, the coast of the Caspian Sea, old Baku, oil workers, etc. He touched on many subjects and reflected them in his works. The painter presented the landscapes describing the natural beauties of Azerbaijan to the audience, especially with his book graphics, aquarelle and engraving works, where he worked in the graphic branch of descriptive art. He realized the works dedicated to Azerbaijani women, especially with the black and white linography technique. The artist draws attention with his ability to use rhythmic contrast in his graphic works. While analyzing the works, the composition of the works creates the impression of being knitted from chords that are in contrast with each other but create polyphonic harmony.


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