about us

Patience is the building block of handcrafted arts , which is on the verge of being forgotten.Today s master jewellers are artists who have patiently followed their masters craft since they were merely children.They have disciplened themselves for the sake of their path.Unfortunately ,patience and devotion to this degree cannot be found in artists today, resulting in fast and trite industrial production taking their place. We are home to handcrafted products. When visitors step into the slick art space ,they are taken on ajourney through history with a number of traditional artifacts such as cini ceramic ,glass art ,leather goods ,embroidery art and custom design jewelry on show. Guests can walk into the dedicated carpet rooms and marvel at the intricate designs woven by hand while learning the meaning behind the various patterns and symbols from the knowledgeable Verni Art Salon team. The purpose of our establishment as Verni Art Salon is to protect the works of local artists and the heritage . Verni Art Salon is housed in a historic shipping warehouse dating back to 1571 , initially used to build galleys running between shores. The building was used as aport during the Byzantine Period and continued to function this way for a while more even after Fatih Sultan Mehmed Han s conquest of Istanbul. The building has gone through athorough restoration in order to contribute to the cultural growth of its area. It is now hosting visitors as a concept store that is home to designer works. The three-story gallery aims to add a novel cultural flourish to the area by offering al luxury arts and crafts space in a unique setting.